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UVI Relayer 1.5 updated

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UVI Relayer 1.5 updated

Postby Guy Rowland » May 18, 2017 2:28 pm


New Features:
* Diffusion
Use the delay as a reverb and produce a dense delay tail, aerial sounds and lush atmosphere
* Ducker
Create more intelligible delayed tracks or classic sidechain pumping effects
* Mix parameter in Redux FX
* Phasor in FX with Frequency, Order, Feedback, Spread and Depth parameters
Dozens of additional presets including Studio Essentials by MixbusTV
New IRs in the Color section

Just a word of warning - this is blacklisted in Cubase 9. It seems to be working OK manually enabled. CPU use varies depending on what is used - not sure if it's improved but it doesn't seem as extreme as I remember. Some rather nice reverbs in there now.

It's on offer for 79 Euros at the moment.

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