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Audiomovers / ListenTo (streaming from DAW)

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Piet De Ridder
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Audiomovers / ListenTo (streaming from DAW)

Postby Piet De Ridder » Aug 10, 2017 9:45 pm


Possibly interesting: Audiomovers have developed a plugin, called ListenTo, that allows you to stream audio directly from your DAW onto the web. Useful, they say, for giving clients or collaborators a quick idea of how your work is coming along without having to bounce and send out temp-mixes.

The way it works: insert the ListenTo plug-in into any channel in a DAW of your choice. ListenTo is a pass-thru, pre fader plug-in so your audio is not affected. Log in to your account, copy link to your session and send it your client. Press start streaming button and your audio will be live streamed to web page which is accessible only to a person with a link provided by you.

The plugin can't be bought, you licence it for a week ($3.99), a month ($9.99) or a year ($99.99). If you sign up with Audiomovers, you get to use ListenTo for free during the first week.



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Anders Wall
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Re: Audiomovers / ListenTo (streaming from DAW)

Postby Anders Wall » Aug 11, 2017 4:43 am

If you would like to buy instead of renting, Source Nexus has a great solution.
Mac only, starting at $395 ($995 for the Pro version)

High quality, low latency, encrypted audio and video streaming, in sync from your DAW.

Audio professionals, get immediate approval: don't wait to hear back via email or export to MP3. Hear what your clients think as they hear it - stream high sample-rate mixes live from your timeline and your clients can listen in real-time from any web browser or iPhone.


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