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Rattly And Raw / Vinyl Carving Station

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Piet De Ridder
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Rattly And Raw / Vinyl Carving Station

Postby Piet De Ridder » Sep 10, 2017 7:37 pm


"The Vinyl Carving Stationwas inspired by a very niche process of cutting into the locked groove of a record in regular intervals (usually using a stick-on template) to produce killer glitch loops from the irregular bumping of the stylus over the cuts/indentations.
We sampled hundreds of these sounds and hacked our way through tons of old charity shop vinyl in the process. We then built the friendliest interface we could design in Kontakt and filled it with the best of these sounds.

The result was the Vinyl Carving Station and we’re super proud that you can get results just like cutting the locked grooves but tempo synced to your DAW and fully programmable by you or randomly generated with a single click. If you want to dig deeper, we’ve added some powerful FX processing to get a fully production-ready sound instantly and keyswitched preset slots to help live and studio programming. It's super simple and super powerful."


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Re: Rattly And Raw / Vinyl Carving Station

Postby ghobii » Sep 10, 2017 10:20 pm

That's pretty awesome. Definitely getting this.

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