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FS: MIR 24 Pro

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FS: MIR 24 Pro

Postby mcalis » Aug 11, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi there,

I am looking to sell my MIR 24 Pro license to any interested user. I've just reached out to the VSL sales team to ask what information they need exactly and how the transfer process works (since it's a bit more involved than reselling NI licenses). Please keep in mind that this is just the MIR software I'm selling, not any roompacks. In order to use MIR, you will need a roompack. Fortunately, you can demo roompacks for 30 days at no cost. While I had MIR, I have demoed roompacks 1 through 4. I've asked VSL about whether the new user would be able to demo all roompacks and they had this to say:

Regarding demo licenses for the roompacks: You could transfer your unused demo licenses to the key which you want to sell and it's also possible for the buyer to get in touch with us after the license transfer to receive other demo licenses.

At the very least I can guarantee that you can demo roompack 5 and 6, since I never used those. In order to demo the other ones you will likely have to contact VSL.

The current retail price of MIR 24 Pro is €295-, I'm happy to resell it for 25% less at €221.25-,

If you wish to negotiate a different price, I am willing to listen to reasonable offers, just keep the following in mind:

This may not seem like a huge discount, and there are several reasons for that. First of all, VSL charges a 10% transfer fee of the original price of the product with a minimum transfer fee of €50. In this case, a €50 transfer fee applies which I will not charge you for. In addition to that I will also need to physically send over an e-licenser key with the license on it. This incurs mailing costs and the cost of the e-licenser on me, all of which I am not charging you for. Lastly, we're dealing with a software license so there is no usage wear and tear that would bring the asking price further down. At the end of the day, you're simply not going to find MIR 24 Pro cheaper anywhere else :)

Paypal or direct bank transfer are my available methods of payment, with paypal having my strong preference.

Those interested, please leave a message here or PM me for more information. Please also take into account that this reselling process is a bit more involved and may take a little time to complete. Thank you for understanding!

Matthias Calis

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