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The Sound Board is a members-only, advert-free refuge from the Times Squareification of music-making on the internet. It’s an independent space for men and women to share news and views about our craft and tools, a community to help us on our own musical journeys, and a place where the signal is higher than the noise.


At The Sound Board, all members come first, be they full time professionals, students or serious-minded hobbyists. We also warmly welcome the developers who make some of the tools we use every day, who understand that here, the members will — respectfully — speak as they find.


So speak freely and with passion, yet void of all forms of discrimination or hate speech (insidious or overt). No piracy links, but links to other forums where appropriate is fine by us. We will moderate only as a last resort, with any difficult situations handled openly in the Forum Matters section.


And speaking of being open: in the section below, you can find the information which details exactly where the money comes from and where it goes. Our running costs are very small and our aim is to keep it that way, with nobody profiting or unduly out of pocket, and no need to resort to any kind of sponsorship. If our finances at any point look like they could do with a little help and you wish to donate a small amount, you may do so here. You're very kind and thank you.


Thank you for being a part of The Sound Board, and making it what it is.


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