Spitfire Audio - Christian Henson Leaves VI-C as DEV - Open Letter To Forum

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Spitfire Audio - Christian Henson Leaves VI-C as DEV - Open Letter To Forum

Post by Anders Wall » May 07, 2017 1:01 pm

Copy and Pasted from "Vick".


Dear VI-C,

As it is Spitfire Audio’s 10th Birthday year I thought it only right that I should address this forum as for Paul and myself, VI-C (or “vick” as we affectionately call her), is Spitfire’s Bethlehem. For the last 10 years many of us have slapped each other’s backs, sparred, rowed, despaired, defended, and decried all matters Spitfire. From ambient spaces, to space age sounds we have prodded, and occasionally totally lost our rags…. Yeah, sorry for that one.

Our journey has been shared and bared with all of you from the early days of Paul and I wanting some smaller sounding strings and conjuring up a way we could afford to pay for them, the demise of Gigastudio minutes before our first release, through an Icelandic volcano making us re-think our distribution policy and switching to a download model, to Albion (which was going to be called Blitzkrieg originally until a friend of ours suggested it was “a bad word”) through modular orchestral madness and that shaky post I made minutes after speaking to The Daddy; Hans Zimmer who rang to suggest we record some drums together and we should announce it immediately. “Paul, just to warn you that I’ve agreed to something quite expensive which I’m pretty certain you’ll be cool for us to do, but I thought I’d let you know in case you stumbled across the post I just put up on Vick”. All the way to us becoming “Teasefire” and after 4 years of furious temple scratching, software developers in our own right.

As you’ve probably guessed Spitfire Audio has gone from two guys springing rubber bands around jam jars in the shed at the bottom of the garden to a small crew of Blake, Andy and our Webmaster (now ops manager) James hacking the bejesus out of Wordpress in between editing Oscar winning scores, then came our head of production Stanley to today’s team of over 30 people with stars from companies as far afield as Net A Porter, Avid & Focusrite not to mention a exaltation of Tonmeisters! Releasing loadsa products to an ever growing group of users we occasionally stop to congratulate ourselves on the many pounds we’ve put back into the business via fees and royalties and the $200k+ we’ve raised first for Unicef and now for smaller UK children’s charities. We of course thank you for you support there.

My personal journey is mirrored in the Spitfire story from being shut out of the orchestral ‘castle’ because I didn’t share the same musical tastes as my hardcore avant gardist professors (the same musical proclivities which were successfully emptying concert halls the world over) I spent the next 25 years hacking technology to subvert the snobbish orchestral paradigm. Our hope with Spitfire is to interface a growing number of people with the possibilities of horse hair, cat guts, wood, brass & spatchcocked cow hides.

It is only relatively recently that Paul stopped chopping samples and I stopped designing the packaging. We now have a team that does the work Paul and I used to do better than we dreamed possible. We’re so proud to work with this merry bunch of total geniuses who have picked up our baton and screamed off down the track, not stopping at the finish line but running straight out of the stadium and over the horizon.

But its not just about amazing libs, our fab art work, and marketing, it is also about our customer experience, and I guess this is why I’m posting this notice on the commercial thread as it is very much a massive investment from us into your experience with Spitfire. I’m sure we’ll be shouting this from the roof tops soon but some of you may have noticed that quietly in the background we’ve installed live chat, phone support (including a dedicated USA line so our cousins don’t have to make international calls) and a more streamlined FAQ page with a bug desk which we’re all going to see the benefits of soon. Indeed we've already had one chap saying "I had no idea you'd get back to me to say the bug I'd reported had been fixed in the latest update". Whats more there’s nice, intelligent people manning them, no more “I hope I get Paul, Christian gets pretty ratty and clearly doesn’t even know how to use Kontakt” (true…. and after ten years, tsk tsk).

So alongside wishing you all thanks for the last decade of support, commitment and feedback my job now is to join the left hand of our marketing & social media team, to the right hand of our customer support team to create a circle of love, and efficient care for you all. So, with a tear in my eye meet Loren, Ben, Joaquim (Quim) and Sandy who are taking over from my ‘Vick” role. I hope PMs are now answered and I suspect they won’t accuse any of you “talking total bollocks”. Sorry again for that.

The many hours I’ve put in here will now be diverted to my efforts to continue to subvert the snobbish middle aged white male dominated world of orchestral and my secondary fascination the scourge of narcissistic personality disorder in creative industries and how to avoid abuse and exploitation in our world (Alongside quite a lot of gear porn)..
I’m going to be on these channels, and would love to see you there too…

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Oh, and did you know Spitfire is big on socials too now?:


I will naturally pipe up here from time to time to talk up our continued efforts with Spitfire, but now firmly as the jobbing journeyman composer hat on. So here’s to you all, I love this community very much adieu for now as ‘Spitfire Team’ and see you back here from time to time as myself, a new user.

Much love.


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