EastWest Voices of the Empire

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EastWest Voices of the Empire

Post by trumpoz » Sep 03, 2017 8:12 am

- featuring vocalist Uyanga Bold -

Hollywood, CA (September 2, 2017) - This fall (autumn) EastWest/Quantum Leap will release VOICES OF THE EMPIRE, a brand-new product perfect for epic film/TV/game soundtracks. Featuring the raw, primal vocals of Uyanga Bold, VOICES OF THE EMPIRE will make the perfect companion product to the highly-anticipated blockbuster HOLLYWOOD CHOIRS.

Uyanga Bold is a unique talent, melding the ethnic musical traditions of Bulgaria, Serbia, Mongolia, and beyond. She is a trained opera singer with perfect pitch, fluent in Russian, Mongolian, French, English, and German. It’s East meets West like you’ve never heard before. Her voice is beautiful, pure, otherworldly, haunting, unsettling, powerful, genuine in its ethnic flair and world class in its precision.

Uyanga Bold has taken the world by storm since she appeared on the scene, recently touring with Hans Zimmer with his live performances of the score from The Dark Knight. Forbes Magazine wrote “her voice harkens back to ancient civilizations” and she has been nominated as “Female Singer of the Year”. She has appeared internationally on television, radio, and in live performances, reaching over 25 million views across all platforms.

Features of VOICES OF THE EMPIRE include:

• Dozens of Mongolian, Bulgarian and Western-style, multi-sampled vocal instruments
• Dozens of expressive phrases in every key
• 2 unique Mongolian legato vocal instruments
• 1 traditional legato vocal instrument
• Expressive vowel multi-sampled vocal instruments

VOICES OF THE EMPIRE will be a must-have virtual instrument for composers and musicians looking for that haunting cinematic vocal sound for their next project.

Produced by Doug Rogers and Nick Phoenix, it will be available for purchase and as a free addition for ComposerCloud members this fall (autumn).
Looks like it is along the lines of Voices of Passion.
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Re: EastWest Voices of the Empire

Post by Guy Rowland » Apr 19, 2018 4:04 am

It's out today, here's a bombastic trailer:


$199 til March 24 then $399 (for a week or two, no doubt).

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Re: EastWest Voices of the Empire

Post by mybootsonfire » Apr 19, 2018 2:11 pm

I downloaded it yesterday since it was included with the Composer Cloud and played around with it a bit. There's some good sounding stuff in it, and some ok sounding stuff. Maybe i'm just a little burnt out on sample libraries at the moment but i wasn't blown away by it. I got the impression that, like many libraries, if you write into it you could get some good results though. I did like the velocity sensitive legatos. Definitely need to spend a little more time with those and really see what they can do.

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