FS:breaktweaker $50 US plus Elevate Mastering Bundle $120 US

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FS:breaktweaker $50 US plus Elevate Mastering Bundle $120 US

Post by Gregh » May 31, 2018 2:37 am

just never found a use for them - bit complex for me

Paypal and then ...

Here is the process from Izotope

"To transfer a license to another user, the original owner of the license must contact iZotope directly with our support form here with the following included in the e-mail:

Name of the new user
E-mail address of the new user
Serial Number of the product the owner would like to have transferred"

For Elevate Mastering Bundle the transfer is via iLok - I put in your iLok name and I pay a $25 fee for the transfer

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