New soundset for Repro 1 from U-he and Electric Himalaya

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New soundset for Repro 1 from U-he and Electric Himalaya

Post by X-bassist » Jul 13, 2017 10:05 am

"ReSequenced harnesses the power of Repro-1’s sequencer. For instant inspiration, load up any preset and tweak away—perfect for on-the-fly jamming or inspiration in the studio. Exceptional sound design and performance control puts the intensity of Repro-1's raw analogue sound in your hands.

ReSequenced covers a wide variety of styles and moods, leading you down multiple creative avenues. You will find the pulsating basslines of warehouse parties, retro disco sequences, crisp motorik loops as well as a few etherial textures. Use the sequences as they are or develop them into your own melodies and patterns. $30. " ... esequenced

"We are pleased to release our first soundset for Repro-1: ReSequenced. Packed with basslines, melodies and percussive loops, ReSequenced focuses on Repro-1’s sequencer.

Electric Himalaya has created a wide range of sounds that fit perfectly into a jam session or studio project. Use the sequences as-is, record some on-the-fly tweaking, or develop them further into new melodies and patterns. ReSequenced keeps you and Repro-1 rolling."

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