Cinesamples Tonal Ticky Tackies

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Cinesamples Tonal Ticky Tackies

Post by Guy Rowland » Nov 22, 2017 6:22 pm

Tonal Ticky Tackies is a collection of semi-tonal percussion instruments programmed to play using a unique combination of sonic textures, rhythmic patterns, panning, filters, and reverb impulse responses.

Tonal Ticky Tackies has 20 unique sound sources each of which have 6 unique mixes, providing a wide variety of sounds. It includes 30 rhythmic patterns and over 180 reverb impulse responses. Included are 50 presets that take advantage of these tools giving you detailed control to create interesting rhythms, pads, and FX.

Also included are two built-in compressors and extensive panning and blending controls with basic L-C-R sliders as well as advanced 3-D panning.

The master patch is Tonal Ticky Tackies.nki. The individual patches folder contains all sound sources separately.
Requires the FULL version of Kontakt v5.5+ RRP $149 intro offer $129

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