Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 3

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Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 3

Post by Jaap » Dec 22, 2017 8:07 am

I think it is really worth to mention this amazing product here. Even if you are not into the whole kaboom kaching thunder business, this is still an amazing product to consider I think. I am really impressed by the out of the box sound, been working with it non stop since its release yesterday (intro price changed from 349 to 399 I believe). It is a library that is very suited for very intense action scoring. The design and approach is very clever, well thought multis and I have also the other 2 Arks which I love, but this one has an even more pristine quality in my opinion. Anyway, details below :D
METROPOLIS ARK 3 - The Beating Orchestra - is the third instalment in our epic orchestral series.

Is it percussion? Is it an orchestra? It is both but melted and refined into one: A Percussive Orchestra.

// METROPOLIS ARK 3 is the ultimate orchestral beat machine
Giant machines are quiet compared to those huge taiko ensemble kits and drums of doom. Where other percussion libraries draw the line, we bring in a colossal orchestra which is treated like a percussion instrument. It combines an enormous rhythmically driven orchestra with the loudest and beefiest percussion instruments we have ever recorded. Team up the orchestra and the percussion to program complex and rich-sounding rhythmic patterns and gestures. To join these two parts properly, the recorded articulations match perfectly. Thanks to the consistency of articulations, you are able to play all the instruments easily together for instant rhythmic insanity.

METROPOLIS ARK 3 - Screencast

// 3 trucks full of percussion instruments and 111 musicians were recorded
8 orchestral sections (High Strings, Low Strings, String Quintet, Trumpet Ens, Horn Ens, Low Brass Ens, Low Woodwinds Ens, High Woodwinds Ens) with up to 47 articulations per section.
Taiko Ensembles and Taikos of all kinds and sizes, including a 60 inch monster Taiko, all played by WADOKYO, a renowned Taiko Ensemble well known in Europe.
A huge set of epic percussion ensembles and single instruments played by ElbtonalPercussion from Hamburg with their lineup of instruments in all ranges.
From very low drums, toms, snares, found percussion gongs, cymbals and wooden percussion, to the highest clicks and clacks – Metropolis Ark 3 is loaded with all of it.
We even added an ensemble of three sets of timpanis and a Cluster Staccato and FX Grand Piano.
// Like all Metropolis Ark Collections, Metropolis Ark 3 is recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. Thanks to consistent mic setups and recording environment all Metropolis Ark Collections blend together perfectly. Metropolis Ark 3 is based on CAPSULE for Kontakt. Customize your workflow with CAPSULE.

Find the full Metropolis Ark 3 Articulation List here. http://www.orchestraltools.com/resource ... _Ark_3.pdf

Metropolis Ark 3 is now available for attractive pre-order pricing:
349€ + VAT instead of 549€ + VAT. The pre-order ends with the release of Metropolis Ark 3 on December 21.

Deal for METROPOLIS ARK users
If you own Metropolis Ark 1, Metropolis Ark 2 or both, you get a 50€ discount on your Metropolis Ark 3 purchase.

Find all information on our product page. http://www.orchestraltools.com/librarie ... _ark_3.php

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Re: Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark 3

Post by Erik » Jan 23, 2018 10:45 am

Ladies and Gents,
Has anybody has some love to share about this product ?Or niggles?
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