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AcousticSamples 'Strategy' / virtual Fender Stratocaster

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AcousticSamples 'Strategy' / virtual Fender Stratocaster

Post by Piet De Ridder » Feb 15, 2018 3:06 pm


AcousticSamples presents the new member of its guitar libraries family, the Strategy Guitar, based on a Fender© Stratocaster© electric guitar.

Strumming machine - The Strategy recognizes the chords you play on your keyboard, converts them to a guitar voicing and lets you strum them in various ways like a guitarist would do.
Realistic patterns - We recorded the strumming patterns of real guitarists and converted them to patterns. There is now a real guitar player strumming and picking the chords you select. And all this by pressing just one key.
FX section - The most popular FX associated with a strat guitar are available: chorus, phaser, flanger, wah (manual and automatic), tremolo, delay, rotary speaker, tube saturation, tone stack, spring reverb, and a set of 8 known amps with different mic settings.
Song Builder - Sometimes playing a series of chords can be complicated, especially if you are not an advanced keyboardist. The song builder allows you to decide which chord and voicing will be triggered when selecting only one note.
Solo mode, automatic hand position - A smart hand position system decides for you where a real guitarist would put their hand and which string they would play. Our powerful legato engine will let you play legatos, hammer ons, pull offs or slides easily.

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